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Broken and finally used up [May. 2nd, 2009|10:22 pm]
Well thats it. I have finally come to a point that i neither care or want to care anymore. I guess this is a "oh poor me" post. But i no longer care.

I have screwed myself over so many times , it is all coming to a head in the last few days. I quit my job 2 weeks ago. and spent all the money on crap i did not need, defaulted on 3 payday loan places that will screw over any pay i would get from a job, if i could find one. I did not pay for my rent this month. so an eviction notice is close behind. I owe over 30 grand in debts due to bad judgement and interest as i never paid what i should have, I have 0 credit, no friends, no family, at least none i have talked to in almost 2 years..

What i need is help. not finantial help. but help. help from my suicidal tendncies, help getting my credit back help in paying off my debt, help in starting my life new.

I want to be able to put everything i own into storage. exept my bike and meybe my computer and start from 0 pay all my debts while losing weight on my bike and eating right. find an affordable place to live small is ok.

i guess i need someone to show me the proper way.

I am not looking for sympathy or money or anything else. but if anyone can help in anyway i will happily take their advise.
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In need of a little bit of help [Aug. 16th, 2008|05:36 pm]

As of The first of september I have to be out of my current residence.

I will be only 550.00 dollars short of making rent and deposit in a new apartment.

I could easily move out and pay my share of the rent if I was allowed to stay till the 15th, and am fully and happily willing to pay a full months rent and 100.00 from each of my roomates share as well if allowed to stay till october 1st.

Alas due to reasons of their own I guess, they do not want me to stay longer. So if anyone is able to help please let me know.. I can fully pay anyone back by no later then october 2nd..


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selling my PSP [Aug. 5th, 2008|03:58 am]
I am selling my Hacked PSP. ((MAKE ME A SERIOUS OFFER))

It comes with the following:

PSP phat (original) Latest hacked firmware, no dead pixels, Clean and scratch free, has a screen protector, original box and manuals.

Batteries - Comes with the original Battery and a sony extended battery. As well as a charger.

Memory - It comes with a new 8 Gig card and a 4 gig card.

Extra's - Comes with an Intec leather carry case, USB transfer cable and the psp wired remote.

Games - Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core UMD  .. 

ISO's Or ripped games: Most tested with this firmware. Comes on DVD's Will show any buyer how to put them on psp.

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update [Feb. 4th, 2008|05:22 pm]
I rarely update in this journal. I feel it it is not a very professional setting. So I have made a new journal that will go into my professional workings and keep personal anything out. A place you can go and see what I have planned. what I have to learn and what is involved.

please join my adventure over at FireSkunk Productions = fs_productions

all personal stuff I will keep here, not that there is much thats shared, and all pro stuff over there.. and I have a lot planned for the next few years.

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new server from used parts [Jul. 16th, 2007|06:52 am]
Here is our new file server from used parts. :) 
STATS: P3 - 550 mhz, 280 megs ram, 3 raid cards, 8 meg agp card, 2 powersupplies wired into a rail, hand made case.

HD's: top 2 are mirrored 40 gig drives,
next 2-(one missing) mirrored 4 gig, 
next 3- 4 gig mirrored(one missing),
next 3 4 gig mirrored 
and a removeable bay with 4 gig hd for operating system. 
space on bottom for a dvd burner or HD burner for backup

max handling: P3 800mhz, 1.5 gig ram,  and up to 11 hd's mirrored or singular 
so 10 1 TeraByte drives = 5 TB mirrored or 10 TB singular with a TB drive as op system drive- or higher.

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UPDATE already! [May. 15th, 2007|07:42 am]

*****I will not be attending this party. but i am leaving it going for all those who want to attend. Please talk to Ssithl for any updates. due to me not attending. meybe the party will fill up.***

 FURS ALREADY COMING: Some are tentitive. a final list will be posted 2 weeks before the party. all those on the list will then get an e-mail with directions to the party. noone thats not on the list will receive directions to my house. party crashing is a nono.

1. Vera
2. Ssithl - Fursuiter
4. Sly - Fox - UK fur in for a visit
5. Nevermind - Dragonbat, Southern alberta
6. Shinisuryu - Dragon, Visiting from Oregon
7. Ice_Wolf
8. Wolphin 
9. Lost Wolf - Fursuit?
10. Dark Wolf 
11. Johara - Fursuiter
12. Greyfang -Fursuiter
13. Gamba -Fursuiter
14. Taraq 
15. Matt_Panther
16. Drake
17. Qualin
18. Kimmerset
19. Acru
20. Nova Caine
21. Mage


A lot of people are bringing hard alcohol. but very few bringing food. remember. I will not be providing all the food. very little. so food is a must!

-Burgers, Chicken, Steaks, Hotdogs+smokies, Taco salad, potato salad, Beer, Vodka,Deli plate,Gravy Noodles,


-Salads, always more meat products, buns+breads, deserts, snackfoods chips+dip candy , cheese and meat for nibblings, marshmallows as we have a working firepit, lawnchairs we only have 4, games and game consoles, Coolers to hold ice and drinks, small stereo - or just speakers.

BRING FURSUITS!! pics will be taken. the more the merrier. industrial cooling fan is provided for cooling. as well as a changeing area

remember. this party starts at 10 am on the 23rd. we then have lunch for those who show up early. then supper where the food really flows around 7 pm. then lunch on the 24th. so feel free to bring lots!  

Please RSVP and let me know what you are going to bring at this addy -

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FURRY HOUSE PARTY AND BBQ!!! [May. 14th, 2007|08:07 am]

Letting all furs know of a party I am planning fo the weekend of June 23rd and 24th.
It is a 2 DAY house party and foodfest.
I will be providing hotdogs and steak and chicken all bbq'd or cooked on the backyard firepit. And i will be providing beverages. some beer coke and pepsi and stuff. However we need more food and drinks for the 2 day event.. we want lots!
We have a large place with lot's of room, including a 32 inch gaming tv upstairs. And a 90 inch projection screen in basement, which is linked to our file server suppling over 500 movies and 2 tb's of tv shows.

We are expecting a full turn out of our capacity of 30-35 furs so pleas e-mail me to reserve a spot.

PLEASE bring food, drinks, lawnchairs, pillows, blankets, if staying overnight, and game consols and games since we don't have any. also feel free to bring any movies you want to watch or music you want to listen too.

This party is open to ALL furs. whether we get along or not. this is a fun time and not drama so all are welcome!

This party will have drinking. socially in the earlier hours and more if anyone wants to later in the evening. You do not have to drink, just some enjoy a beer. If you are young. you will be carded. we live behind a police station. and last thing we need is them poping over to give breath tests to minors:P

things needed for a better time:
-lawn chairs. for inside and out
-food. the more the better as this is a 2 day event. from morning of the 23rd till whenever on the 24th
-drink, any kind from soda to alcohol
-coolers for the drinks
-game consoles and games. Wii owners. proper secure handstraps are a requirement. i don't want a broken tv
-movies and or music. a small stereo for upstairs is nice.. or just speakers for an existing one
-blankets, pillows
-fursuits, as this is a fursuit friendly house
-a sence of goodwill and no animosity. i will have none

1. Vera - dragon, house resident
2. Ssithl - sexy versi bat, house resident
3. Blackfire - Skunk, house resident
4. Sly - Fox - UK fur in for a visit
5. Nevermind - Dragonbat, Southern alberta
6. Shinisuryu - Dragon, Visiting from Oregon

Please RSVP and let me know what you are going to bring at this addy -  blackfire @ telusmail . net

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New Auction! Limited Time [Nov. 12th, 2006|02:57 am]

New auction!! I really need to pay bills this month. And since I finished a comission early. I am offering 2 yes 2 comissions spots to be done before AC! Limited time for this auction as it is a lower price then my normal price. Yet you get full price benifits. Look here for the auction. And happy bidding!!   All suits need to be paid 1/2 up front for materials, rest on completion. I do take payments for the second half.


Any questions pleas e-mail me @  fox_73@hotmail.com or blackfire@telusmail.net  icq 35300307

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new full wuffy suit [Nov. 8th, 2006|05:43 pm]

Here he is LostWolf A cute greywolf just completed. 2 months early. pics below under cut

Kewt Wuffy HereCollapse )

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lightly annoyed. [Sep. 27th, 2006|10:10 pm]
I find it a little annoying that people don't say they will do what they said. 

A few weeks back i was saying how I won't have money for my mates b-day present.. , which is today BTW, And an artist said they will do a drawing for me and him. so took info and all that and said they would see me later.I kept talking to them all the time. not mentioning something i was getting for free. I am not one to put others down or push for something. But of course it did not come. and i was told, with out me asking, that the pic will not be done cause of someone elses problems with me ignoring them.

Whatever. here it is my husbands 26th b-day and i have nothing. I was not expecting nor am I expecting anything. But sheesh. if you offer to do something out of kindness. at least follow through. I even offered to pay and they refused.. Sigh.

Is there any trustworthy people out there anymore? people that keep their word?

My mate was very and is very depressed. the pic i was hoping would bring him a little happiness from our situation.
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